Mystery Writer
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  By Jill V.   
  Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
  Very intriguing mystery. The author kept me guessing     and  throwing clues that kept me off track. This was a       fun read, that  kept me hooked.

  Nona Christie 
  Format: Paperback
 Just finished MURDER IN THE MOVIES, loved it. Did  not want to  put it down. I feel I know more about  California and the movie  business. I think Katlin is  another Stephanie Plum. When is book  #2?

 Elsie M. Austin 
 Format: Paperback
 When I read a book, I want to be transported into a  scenario with  which I am not familiar. I want to learn  some new cultural  information, I want to be entertained. This writer has taken me on  an exciting ride from my  red-clay, south Georgia pinnings and  transported me to  Red Carpet Land, every little girl's fantasy, and,  in my  case, some vintage ladies' as well.

 Thank you, Ms Luttrell, for fulfilling my every wish as a  reader. You  did not disappoint. This will become my  new "special friend,  birthday, Christmas,etc. gift to  those I love." Oprah should hear  about this book. If  you're ever down this way, please publicize  your trip  locally and I'll be there to have my copy autographed.
 A true new fan.

 James E. Booher 
 Format: Paperback
 Normally the nose is in some tech manual or writing  one. Seldom is  there a book that provides an easy read  with interest, detail, and  colorful characters. Live in  Florida travel thru and to LA frequently.  With little  knowledge of either location the reader can relate to  Katlin Wallace as she travels about. The characters are  honest  people you meet through a life time of living.  Enjoyable read for  the logical thinker.

 Michael Jamison 
 Format: Paperback
 Do not attempt to read this book without first clearing  your  schedule. It is one of those you cannot put down  until the very  end. At the very beginning, the author  wins our affection for the  protagonist by the witty  remarks she utters. The witticisms  continue to flow  th roughout, making MURDER IN THE MOVIES a  page  turner as much to get to the next aside as to get to the  solution of "who-done-it."

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  Joe Franklin, National Talk Show Host, WOR, New York City
  "A wonderful read! Delightful!" 

 D.E. Nightengale, Topeka, Gazette.
 "When a friend asked if I would review a book by a  Topeka author,  I was less than enthusiastic. I finally  told her I would at at least  start the book to see if it  would hold my attention. Needless to say,  it grabbed  me, held me and then threw me away still wanting more  books from the author, Esther Luttrell." 


    Katlin Wallace thought she had left everything to do with Hollywood  behind when she moved to Mt. Dora, Florida with her husband, MacKay,  who recently retired as a detective, and whose clients had been primarily  celebrity wives checking up on their cheating celebrity husbands. Barely  settled into their Florida digs, MacKay  does the unthinkable - he leaves  Katlin at a time in her life when she was anticipating ... well, social  security  checks and balmy beach days. The timing of her friend Helen's  call could not have been worse. 
     Appropriately enough, it was a dark and stormy night when Helen  phoned, begging Katlin to return to the west  coast as quickly as she can  get there. Helen's daughter, Lane Allison, once known as the Sweetheart  of American Cinema, had been accused of murdering her producer  husband. Helen needed Katlin to be with her  through these, the darkest  hours of her life.
    With nothing to offer but friendship and support, Katlin arrived back in  the heart of Hollywood. Lane had been  released on bail and was hiding  from the media at an undisclosed location. Ambitious reporters were not  to be  put off so easily; surely a best friend would lead them to the secret  hideout of the famous murderess. They are  relentless in following  Katlin's every move. Suddenly, she realizes that a killer is stalking her as  well. 
    With more spirit and gumption than experience at sleuthing, she 
 follows clues across Hollywood, into Fresno  and finally takes refuge on  a houseboat, in a desolate marina. With the media breathing down her  neck, and a  killer closing in, she is forced to play the one last card she  has up her sleeve.