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Mystery Writer

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 "I loved reading this book...I put it aside after just the first couple of  chapters because I was home alone and got those 'somebody's  watching me' prickles along my spine. I had to wait to finish it when my  hubby was home." - Marcia Gitchell, Topeka, Kansas

 "The author had me from the first chapter. I could not put it down. The  scenes were set so skillfully and the ending was unexpected, even  thrilling. I can't wait to read another story by this writer." - Beverly  McBain, Miami, Florida 

 "The reader is quick to realize 'The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell' is  written by a PRO. Leigh's 7 year separation from the one great love of  her life is filled with NOTHING-until the increasing attention of an  unwanted, potentially dangerous, suitor haunts her days and nights.
 Psychopathic killers invariably start with animal cruelty and gradually  advance to humans. Leigh is very aware of that. With no one else to  turn to, Leigh take a huge gulp of pride and seeks out the former love  of her life, Mark Hollingsworth. Deeply suppressed feelings surface  when Mark realizes he has to help Leigh - and therein lies the  groundwork for the cavalry (Mark) to come to the rescue. He arranges  for Leigh to get as far from potential danger as possible…Hidden away,  Leigh never expected that a storm and a killer would strike at once. 'The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell' has a surprise ending to a thoroughly  enjoyable story, making you wish it didn't end." - Martin Kaynanon